All preschool students have assigned district Gmail accounts. Teachers will be using Schoology and Clever for lessons. See the links below for student lessons.



Tips for Families

  • Praise your child. Children need positive attention.
  • Have a set routine.
  • Encouraging children to dress themselves, brush their teeth daily and make healthy, nutritional food choices.
  • Give advance notice before moving from one activity to another.
  • Provide choices between option A and option B. Be patient as children make selections.
  • Turn on calming music while completing tasks.
  • Encourage teamwork and taking turns.
  • Read together every day. Let children choose the books.
  • Sing simple songs together.
  • Limit screen time and monitor what children are viewing.  Monitor what adults are viewing, too, when children are in the room.
  • Assign children simple chores to teach responsibility, such as putting away a toy before getting out another.
  • Allow children to help around the house. Examples: Set the table and/or pass out napkins at dinnertime; sort the family’s socks.
  • Play engaging games with children or do imaginary play with stuffed animals, cars and trucks, dolls, etc.
  • Play interactive games, such as an adult gives clues and  the children guess what object, food, toy or animal is being described.

Social-Emotional Resources

Weekly Tips from CPS on YouTube
Hear from Dr. Bunger, Director of Positive School Culture and Safety for Cincinnati Public Schools, weekly as she provides tips on how to navigate distance learning.

Talking to Kids about Stressful Situations
Joining Forces for Children provides tips on how to help your kids through this difficult time.

Virtual Cool Down Space
This virtual sensory room can be used by anyone, but is especially for kids! These tools will provide helpful strategies and resources for when life gets tough.

Additional Social-Emotional Enrichment Resources
Visit our Social-Emotional Enrichment Resources page for more helpful tips and activities.

Educational Resources


Cincinnati Public Library - Storytime at Home
Storytime with your favorite Children's Librarians, enjoyed from the comfort of your home. Follow the library's YouTube channel for new content every week.

MindPeace Virtual Calming Spaces

Physical Education 2.0

CPS YouTube Playlist
Join CPS PE staff as they walk students through workouts to do at home.

Mission 2 Move Live
Mission 2 Move is live on its Facebook page at 2 p.m. every Tuesday, Wedneday and Thursday. The goal is to help children feel better emotionally and physically through the mindfulness and movement activities they enjoy on regular school days.

Mission 2 Move Videos on Demand
Mission 2 Move's video library and resources page has deas on how to move with your child.

Amazon Alexa Skill
Alexa-connected devices can enable the M2M skills. It's free and offers different movement and mindfulness activities.

Request a Teacher Call Back

CPS teachers will be holding office hours each week to connect with students and parents – answering questions and offering feedback about academic content. Please make sure to check PowerSchool to ensure that CPS has your family’s correct phone number and email address. To request a call back from your child’s teacher, complete this form.

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