Setting Routines

Setting Routines that Support Your Learning

Routines and Schedules

Continue the morning routines that you would follow if going to school

  • Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, move to a quiet area to do your school work

Create a positive mindset for learning every morning. Tell yourself:

  • Your school/teachers are here to help.
  • You can succeed.
  • Challenges and mistakes are okay. They are the only way our brains will grow (get smarter).

If you get frustrated, here are some tips that can help:

  • Chunk classes that are more challenging into a few 10 minute time frames instead of a full 30 minutes
  • Reach out to a teacher, friend or family member for emotional support
  • Notice when you get frustrated, then set a timer and step away for 5-10 minutes.


  • Drawing
  • Dancing
  • Listening to Music
  • Writing
  • Taking a walk
  • Playing with a pet

Distance Learning Schedules

  • Each school will provide a distance-learning schedule.

Reflect daily:

  • Write out your daily to-do list.
  • Journal at the end of each day.
    What did I learn today?
    What was the easiest thing I did today?
    What was the most difficult thing I did today?
    What questions do I have?

Recurring tasks:

  • Check Schoology daily.
  • Check PowerSchool weekly.
  • Complete and upload assignments daily.
  • Get help here:

Control distractions:

  • Set up a work space for schoolwork, such as in a quiet corner of a room on a folding table.
  • Reflect on what sights and sounds are distracting and talk to your family about ways to get space and remove distractions.
  • Limit screen and phone apps that potentially distract from learning.

Develop consistency:

  • Work with your family to set limits on family, work and social obligations during school time.
  • Reflect on when you work best; consider time of day, length of activity and need for breaks.
  • Create a sample schedule and refer back to it.

Request a Teacher Call Back

CPS teachers will be holding office hours each week to connect with students and parents – answering questions and offering feedback about academic content. Please make sure to check PowerSchool to ensure that CPS has your family’s correct phone number and email address. To request a call back from your child’s teacher, complete this form.

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