Students with Special Learning Needs



We will maintain communication between teachers and families of students with disabilities.

Currently, plans for addressing services, evaluations and IEP meetings with your child during this distance learning period are as follows:

  • Intervention specialists will reach out to families to discuss your child’s individual needs
  • Intervention specialists will provide services during daily office hours
    • Support for students with disabilities will be provided by video or by phone, in collaboration with families
  • Teams will continue to hold video or phone IEP and ETR meetings.
  • Related service providers will support students virtually
    • Support for students with disabilities will be provided by video or by phone, in collaboration with families
  • Resources for supporting students with disabilities in an online environment can be found on the Department of Student Services Schoology group page.
    • Resources will be updated on an ongoing basis.


Students who access an alternate curriculum have been provided materials to meet their unique needs. In addition, they will be supported during office hours with intervention specialists.

Resources for Students

Resources for Students with Disabilities

Request a Teacher Call Back

CPS teachers will be holding office hours each week to connect with students and parents – answering questions and offering feedback about academic content. Please make sure to check PowerSchool to ensure that CPS has your family’s correct phone number and email address. To request a call back from your child’s teacher, complete this form.

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How Do I...Answer
Locate support when I don’t understand the distance learning assignment?You will receive support from an Intervention Specialist during distance learning. They co-plan assignments with your teacher and the accommodations and modifications that are necessary. Additionally, your teachers will be available through Schoology messaging and email messaging, to offer support with distance learning assignments.

Please reach out if you have any questions regarding Distance Learning. Do not hesitate.
How do I find support with distance learning tasks when I need a modified schedule?Our team has worked hard to develop multiple sample schedules for you. If one of these schedules does not meet your academic and functional needs, your teachers and related-service providers can help you adapt a schedule to work for you.
Reach out if I have a question about my IEP.Send a message to your intervention specialist or teacher. Contact information is available on Schoology Courses or by contacting your school.