Understanding Distance Learning

What does Distance Learning mean?

Distance Learning means students will access on grade level, high-quality instruction with their teachers outside of the physical classroom or school building.

Distance Learning may occur at home, with a child-care provider, or in any setting other than a school building.

Distance Learning is different from homework in these ways:

Distance LearningHomework
Teacher provides:
  • Live, interactive learning experiences
  • Structured, independent learning resources
  • Clear sequence of knowledge-building assignments
  • Tools and guidance to support completion
Teacher provides:
  • An assignment or task
Activities focus on:
  • Connections, engagement and building a learning community
  • Building new knowledge
  • Forming new connections
  • Expanding skills
Activities focus on:
  • Reviewing previously taught knowledge
  • Practicing previously taught skills
Students are self-directed in:
  • Setting schedule to meet posted due dates
  • Getting teacher help and support during office hours and through Schoology
Students are self-directed in:
  • Completing the assignment or task by the due date

Distance Learning: We’ve got this

Although you will not be in the classroom, you will have your teacher’s support for success. Whether meeting live with your teacher or working independently, you’re not alone in this.

Teacher Led Learning is...
live, together, collaborative, interactive.
Self-Directed Learning is...
on student’s own schedule, independent, self-guided with support.
  • Required sessions will be consistently scheduled in Schoology and hosted via Google Meet.
  • Students will be in small groups, allowing for personalized teacher instruction and support.
  • Teachers’ office hours are held to immediately support students’ and families’ questions and concerns.
  • Respond to discussion boards or video prompts
  • Attend specialized office hours, such as Senior Sessions, to ask questions.
  • View videos, guides, organizers posted by teacher
  • Review learning goals and reflect on progress.
  • Students submit Weekly Journals to Schoology.

Request a Teacher Call Back

CPS teachers will be holding office hours each week to connect with students and parents – answering questions and offering feedback about academic content. Please make sure to check PowerSchool to ensure that CPS has your family’s correct phone number and email address. To request a call back from your child’s teacher, complete this form.

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